Law case studies for high school students

Legal Rights under the Charter and discuss it with them. The basic claim is that the property tax base per pupil is a lot less in low-income school districts, so there should be more tax support collected from statewide sources and distributed to the low-income districts, to balance out the revenues for rich and poor within a given state.

Are there any need-to-know cases missing from this list? California A class action suit out of San Francisco in alleged that schools in California were offering less educational opportunity for low-income children and English Language Learners than for middle-income children. Promotes understanding of cultures, which means we are less likely to go to war over different religious or cultural beliefs.

Street Law at the UW School of Law

An appellate case is comprised of certain basic elements: At this point, students could prepare a moot court, arguing their case before their peers. Legal and Illegal Searches in School and take some time to review the steps required to complete all tasks.

Jodie and Mary In the year the plight of conjoined twins made front page news. Teaching About Controversial Issues - Students practice listening to other's opinions, consider polar positions on controversial topics and their impact, and practice the skill of stating and analyzing a position.


It is a good idea to ask students to rank arguments for persuasiveness before presenting them to their classmates. Legal Rights under the Charter Give students Handout 3: Review the highlights with your students.

The format you choose for the product may vary with the student essay, oral presentation, PowerPoint slideshow or case study analysis. The entire hearing had to be repeated to show that "justice must not only be done but be seen to be done.

Case Studies

Plagiarism and cheating are serious offenses. As another activity, teachers can incorporate opinion writing with student law firms. The game show format provides a stimulating environment introducing legal content and encouraging further research on law-related topics. Tools for addressing bullying conduct in school are also presented.

Although law-related education and legal education have different goals, they share a pedagogy that develops higher-order thinking skills. Using the case study approach to teach Supreme Court cases offers educators a dynamic and practical strategy with many student-centered variations, in which skill development is tied to content that students find relevant and important.

Create balance by assigning or manipulating which topics are chosen and in what number. Though the Court said that reimbursement was proper, it set down a precedent about the importance of the separation between Church and State in educational matters.

It is always a good idea to assign this towards the end of the week so that the students have a weekend to get organized Copyright Step four is offered as a bonus or extension assignment but you may want to bring in a school official or administrator to talk with the students about the existing policy.

Supreme Court, where he lost, In this case, parents were allowed to let a teacher in a private Christian school teach a year-old boy in German, even though a Nebraska state law at the time prohibited foreign-language instruction in schools in the post-World War I era.

The essential cases every law student should know

LESSON PLANS AND EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES FOR SCHOOL VISITS. MIDDLE AND HIGH SCHOOL LESSONS: Invaders Activity Plus Case Summaries and PowerPoint Presentations Version 1 First Amendment Activity and Answer Key- Best Suited for Elementary School Students.

Jobs Related to the Law and Answer Key- Best Suited for Middle School Students. The following case studies are available for HR faculty and instructors to use in HR Where Can Students download the case without the teaching notes?

Case Study: Southwood School. Activity 1: The Criminal Law. Provide each student with a copy of Handout 1: The Criminal Law. Explain that they will be learning about the legal elements of crime, which they will then apply to case studies.

Students will examine the specific legal issue of search and seizure as it applies to high school locker searches, bag searches and seizure of student property.

Provide students with Handout 1: Case Studies and Charter Rights. Street Law at the UW School of Law Model Lesson Plans. The following lesson plans have been developed by University of Washington School of Law Students for the Street Law Course and are available for use at no charge.

Law case studies for high school students
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